Orthodontic treatment

What does a typical treatment look like?

Before you make an appointment, you'll want to know what to expect. We'll take you through our treatment process here:

First appointment > Second appointment > Third appointment > Follow-up appointments > End of treatment

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1. First appointment

Today we meet for the first time. We begin by looking at and assessing your face and teeth. Then, we discuss the diagnosis and talk about your wishes. During the consultation, we show you images of similar cases and their results.

Orthodontist explains treatment options to a mother and child.

After the diagnosis, we discuss the cost estimate. You can take the quote home to review at your leisure. After you decide to move forward, you can book your second appointment.

2. Second appointment

At our second appointment, we set up your personalised treatment plan. We start by taking an Intra Oral Scan. Thanks to this scan, your teeth appear in 3D in real time on our screen. Based on your images, we discuss the possibilities and look for a treatment plan that makes us both feel comfortable.

Now that you have your personalised treatment plan, the next step is placing the device.

3. Third appointment

The real work for you starts here. We place your appliance during school hours (9 am & 2:30 pm). Thanks to new techniques, we can put all the brackets per tooth arch in one go. As a result, the brackets go on much faster, and your experience is more pleasant.

After the placement, we will explain how to best care for your appliance. Then, we'll give you the supplies to take home to help keep your teeth and brackets in top condition.

4. Follow-up appointments

You have been wearing your appliance for a while now. Every 4 to 6 weeks, you'll come for a brief checkup to follow up on your treatment. We look at how your teeth are moving and make adjustments as needed.

An average treatment lasts 18 months but depends on the problem's severity, your cooperation, and oral hygiene. Persistence will be rewarded.

5. End of treatment

Congratulations, your treatment is over. The time has come to remove the brackets. To make sure your results are maintained, we place a retention wire. So your teeth remain firmly in place, and you can enjoy your beautiful teeth and smile for the rest of your life.

Future-oriented orthodontics

At Orthogroup we customise the treatment to fulfil your unique needs. We use software & new techniques to make you shine.

Met een 3D-studie van tanden en kaken bekijken we je gebit tot in het kleinste detail

Take a look at our digital toolbox.

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